Glitz & Glam Your Way Into 2010!

New Year's Eve is almost here, the night that you have to find the perfect dress for! The night we have all been waiting for! Every girl talks about what they will be wearing NYE and we all want to look our best because after 12am it is the start of a new year! Here are some dresses I thought were perfect for NYE and they are all from ModCloth.com. Sequins are always acceptable on New Year's eve and are encouraged! Sequin shoes and silver or gold eye shadow are also a must. Have fun, be safe, and remember a new year is a fresh start!

Happy New Year!
-Amy Bird Tweets


Peace, Love & Happy Holidays!

My boyfriend and I decided to go with a icy look for our tree. We lined the inside of the tree with blue lights and put the white lights on the outside for some dimension. All of our ornaments are white & silver. I took pictures of some of the ornaments that I really like, and of course one is a bird. :) All of the ornaments were purchased at Target!

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas
-Amy Bird Tweets


Fancy Pillows

How awesome are these pillows? I am in love with them all and they are a must have to make a statement in your home. Designer Thomas Paul really nailed it with all of his pillows, travel cases, laptop cases, etc. You have to check out his other work at allmodern.com! I love allmodern.com they have everything you need in one place! They have so much eclectic stuff that would make great gifts (for the holidays...hint..hint..) or just snag something for yourself. After you pick up these pillows be sure to check out the swanky sofas over at csnsofas.com to get yourself the perfect sofa for your modern living lifestyle. :)

Love these finds!
-Amy Bird Tweets


Sweet Holiday Treats

The holidays are coming fast so why not bake holiday cupcakes now? I love the cute Christmas tree design cupcakes and the simplistic snowmen cupcakes with the double layer cups that make for a really cute presentation! The third picture down are the ones I made myself and they are super delicious!

Happy Holidays!
Amy Bird Tweets


Sweet Polaroid-Like App For Your iPhone

For all you iPhone lovers there is a really sweet iPhone app called "ShakeItPhoto." It turns your pictures into Polaroid-like photos in a snap! Just shoot, shake, and watch your picture develop right before your eyes! It even makes that cute little noise like you actually just took a picture with a Polaroid camera! Go download it today at the app store at iTunes.com for only 99 cents!


"Dan In the Corner" directed by Matt Mahoney

Matt Mahoney directed, edited, and shot this short film himself. He is a very talented up and coming director to keep an eye on. You can learn more about him and his upcoming work at www.octopusmultimedia.com.
This film was already an official selection in Philadelphia's Film Festival, "Project21". The cinematography in this film is fantastic, and the color grading really sets the mood for the film.

Rob Casmay also scored the film in 6 short days and the music compliments the film perfectly! You can learn more about Rob Casmay here: www.myspace.com/rcjetset.

Please watch this film and give feedback either on my blog your youtube! I also happen to be a supporting actress in the film so hey why not take a peek! ;)

Thanks everyone!
-Amy Bird Tweets


This Dress Has All That Jazz!

This dress is so cute! It's the perfect dress for any holiday party! You can really dress it up with some fun accessories and really cute heels. Modcloth.com has the cutest dresses at really great prices. Check them out now at Modcloth.com!


The Cadillac Bag

You don't need a flashy car when you have this bag! This over-sized crackled leather-like bag with printed interior and gold embellishments will definitely create a buzz. This is the "cadillac" of all bags and it is found at modcloth.com!


I <3 Headbands

I love headbands! I am really feeling the flapper style headbands with feathers and flowers. I also think the third headband down would be so cute for the cold months coming up! I am going to attempt to make my own flapper/flower headband so stay tuned to see the results. :)


Halloween Time!

Halloween is coming up quick! I will be attending a Halloween party on Friday night, and I wanted to bring something for the guests! Who wouldn't love adorable Halloween cupcakes! These pictures gave me some great ideas...stay tuned to see the results of my Halloween cupcakes! :) Happy Halloween!


Black Roses

To me there is something so intriguing about black roses, I know they have to be died black, but they look so pretty. I do have a dark side to me so they are very fitting for my style. I also have a signature black rose ring that I wear from darlybird.com and get so many compliments on. So forget the cliche dozen red roses, I would like a dozen black roses please! :)


Mustard Is Back!

I had a beautiful gold/mustard coat last fall and I loved it! However, since I wore it almost everyday it got very worn, which means time for a new coat! This is the coat I decided on from Victoria's Secret! I really enjoy the button embellishments on the back as well as the tie front waist belt. So cute :)


Love Her or Hate Her

Love her or hate her, LC Lauren Conrad's new line @ Kohl's has some nice pieces which I have showed here. The rest of her line is just so-so and like anything else you would see out there that you could buy cheaper! I do really enjoy her Brush stroke Sheath Dress at the top, I would definitely rock that! Anyway check out her new line at Kohls.com!


Falling For Fall Scarves

A girl can never have too many scarves! I know we all wore the "summer scarves!" Well now it's finally time to have a reason to sport your scarves because they keep us warm & stylish! Scarves are a really easy way to spruce up an outfit. They look great with a plain color tee or tank. If you don't feel like wearing a necklace spice up your look with a scarf and big earrings. These scarves shown here are very cute and show a few different ways to wear your scarf! Silk scarves are also becoming very trendy as well! So stock up on your favorite scarves for fall!


My Birds

This was a pattern that I had found for fabric birds, which I thought was adorable but a little different from the one below, so of course I had to make them! I think my favorite thing about these birds are the wire feet! The bird with the blue pattern I sewd on a little pink heart which I think really makes this bird stand out. Try to make one yourself! They make for great decor! I love DIY projects! Contact me if you would like one made for you!


Cute Birdie Pattern

These birds are adorable and easy to make! Spool gave us an easy pattern to work with. I think they would look cute on top of a wrapped present or perched on a gift bag. I think they would also make cute ornaments for the holidays coming up! Download this free pattern here! I will be making one soon, so stay tuned to see how mine turn out...


How to Get Beach Hair

I know summer is coming to an end, but I still love the "beach hair" look. Kate Hudson always has the perfect beach hair and it's no fair. So, I have been looking for the perfect recipe to make my own sea salt spray, because the products I have tried don't seem to work as well.
Here is my recipe:
1 small spray bottle
Sea Salt
Sun Screen
In a small spray bottle dilute a teaspoon of sea salt, and add about 5-10 tiny drops of sun screen, shake the bottle up and VOLIA! Instant Beach Hair Spray!
I recommend blow drying half your hair, then spray, then style. :)
There are no rules that say no beach hair after Labor Day!


Lovely Bird Cages

I'm really enjoying these shabby chic bird cages! I think this will be my next DIY project so stay tuned! I love the vintage look these bird cages have, they both coordinate well with the other decor. So cute!


Beautiful Wedding Cakes

I am not getting married anytime soon, but these wedding cakes I stumbled upon are just fantastic. I will definitely have a black, red and white themed wedding, with darker tones, red velvet, and black roses (as you can see from my last post). I just love the contrast between the three colors. These cakes are from www.pinkcakebox.com and www.sedonaweddingcakes.com.


My New Bathroom Decor

I recently moved into a new condo so I get to decorate again! My new bathroom walls are painted violet, so I went with the black & white theme for the bathroom. I think the black rose in the disco themed absolut bottle and black octopus decal add the perfect touch to the bathroom. I also put a black and white wave print on the opposite wall, which also compliments the bathroom's decor. I got the beautiful fabric black and white striped shower curtain at Target.com. I <3 my new bathroom!


The Boyfriend Blazer

I am in love with the "Boyfriend Blazer" look, it's like menswear with a twist and it looks great with a plain color tee, a nice necklace, distressed/ripped jeans and heels! I need one of these blazers in my life ASAP, now I just have to save up because most of the ones I have seen are pretty pricey! This one is from topshop.com, but Express has some really nice ones as well.


Darling Bird Dinnerware

These cute illustrated bird plates/mugs are just my style! I fell in love with the purity of these plates and love the cute little birds pecking at their birdseed. The bright colored birds against the crisp white make this design stand out. I am a fan of simplicity, all things white, and birds so this was the dinnerware set of my dreams! Inside the mugs if you look close it says, "Chirp Chirp" at the top! These plates are discontinued so I don't have a link to share. I'm a very lucky girl to have the last run of this design! So sad... :( The company that used to make them was called www.designideas.net.


Thrice- New Album "Beggars"

Thrice is probably my favorite band, and the progression they have made throughout their career has been amazing. They went from hardcore punk rock to mellow rock and are very experimental now. Please check out their new album, "Beggars" that comes out August 11th on iTunes. You can hear the whole album now at Myspace. I <3 Thrice... beautiful music.

Cute Feesh Door Mat

My lovely boyfriend got us this cool organic fish welcome mat for our new place! This mat is all organic made from coconuts. It takes 40 coconut shells to make one mat! The mat is made by tagltd.com they have a lot of great organic homegoods. Check it out!


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