Lovebirds sharing an Ipod & A Owl Caught In the Rain!

Lauren Alane handcrafts the most precious birds and owls you have ever seen! She also makes them as toppers for wedding cakes! What a creative idea. Be sure to check out her store!


Creative Jewelry Frame

I have always wanted to make one of these, it seems pretty easy and fun to do! I saw this one on etsy.com and just love what Kaitieye did with this! It's perfect for hanging your earrings and necklaces. I am going to try to make one of these myself, so stay tuned to see how mine turns out!


Wall Murals/Decals

I have a slight obsession with wall art/decals/murals. I think they look so nice on a contrasting painted accent wall. Wall decals really make a unique statement on your walls. This one here looks very nice against the earthy green colored wall. We all know my obsession with birds so this mural is perfect for me. Make sure you check out all of ShaNickers wall decals. She is very talented!

Super Cute Hand Carved Resin Rose Rings

I absolutely love these rose rings! I already have one in ivory, and I recently purchased a black and cherry red one! They add a nice pop of color to any outfit and I always get compliments on this ring. Check out DarlyBird.com's other cute accessories. They also have DIY products, which I also love!

Best Pizza Pie

Over the weekend my boyfriend and I had to stop into Valley Forge Pizza to get our favorite pie, The Margarita Pie. We love their pizza so much that we got half plain, half margarita! I recommend this restaurant to anyone, their food is amazing and they make you feel like you're family! Love you VF Pizza! :)


Poolside Nightclub

Finally the last nightclub that we went to in Vegas was XS. This nightclub was poolside with cabanas for the ultimate in relaxation while sipping on your favorite cocktails. You could even take a dip in the pool. This club looks beautiful all lit up at night, another great example of perfect atmopshere.

Las Vegas Nightclubs Rock

Tryst Nightclub in Las Vegas was also equally as cool as Blush. I think however the huge 90 foot waterfall really created the perfect atmosphere for me! The waterfall also made a nice cool breeze in steamy hot Vegas!

More Mood Lighting

On my recent trip to Las Vegas when staying at the newest hotel Encore, we hung out at this nightclub called Blush one night and WOW, what great atmosphere! These lights change colors throughout the night, they also change to the beat of the music and they actually have a guy who works all night changing the lights to coordinate with the DJ, flickering, fading in and out, and changing the colors! Insane but so awesome! I recommend this nightclub when visiting the lovely Las Vegas!

Perfect Summer Paper Lantern Lighting

My roommates and I got these cute paper lantern lights at Target to hang on our porch for the summer. They add a great atmosphere and create mood lighting for nights spent on the porch drinking your favorite summer beer, mine would be Landshark...Yum!


Be. Cute. Now.

Now you can be fashionable when you are networking or meeting new people with this stylish Zebra business card holder. Who wants to pull out an old boring business card case, most people just put their cards in their wallets or rubber band them. Think outside the box, be creative, stylish, and hip! Gracie Designs has such cute designs you won't know which one to pick! They are all handmade and each have a special touch. The one I bought was a leaf pattern with a heart sewn on it, so cute.

Beautiful Dove Dish

This is a beautiful handmade dove dish perfect for a minimalist dining experience. I just love the simplicity of this piece. I think I might have to buy it! Look at this artist, MayLuk's other handcrafted work for sale!

Cutest Yellow Octopus Ever!

If you ask me, this is the cutest little octopus ever created out of yellow crochet! I have bought a few of these little guys from Melissa (ALLthangsOLDbutNEW2u). What craftmanship! She really does a great job and customizes to your liking. This little octopus can really put a smile on your face day after day. Check out her Etsy store! Thanks Melissa!

What Colors Say About You?

I was most drawn to the colors Lake & Violet! I found this interesting color chart on made by jessa's blog and it can also be found at Paper Source's Blog! They have great stationary and paper supplies and a cute blog as well. Be sure to check them out!

Business Savvy and Oh so cute!

I love bluebirds and you will notice that I love birds, so why didn't I think of this? I am looking to design myself some business cards and these are very well done! Love the color and layout. Check out more artsy business cards!


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