Halloween Time!

Halloween is coming up quick! I will be attending a Halloween party on Friday night, and I wanted to bring something for the guests! Who wouldn't love adorable Halloween cupcakes! These pictures gave me some great ideas...stay tuned to see the results of my Halloween cupcakes! :) Happy Halloween!


Black Roses

To me there is something so intriguing about black roses, I know they have to be died black, but they look so pretty. I do have a dark side to me so they are very fitting for my style. I also have a signature black rose ring that I wear from darlybird.com and get so many compliments on. So forget the cliche dozen red roses, I would like a dozen black roses please! :)


Mustard Is Back!

I had a beautiful gold/mustard coat last fall and I loved it! However, since I wore it almost everyday it got very worn, which means time for a new coat! This is the coat I decided on from Victoria's Secret! I really enjoy the button embellishments on the back as well as the tie front waist belt. So cute :)


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