"Dan In the Corner" directed by Matt Mahoney

Matt Mahoney directed, edited, and shot this short film himself. He is a very talented up and coming director to keep an eye on. You can learn more about him and his upcoming work at www.octopusmultimedia.com.
This film was already an official selection in Philadelphia's Film Festival, "Project21". The cinematography in this film is fantastic, and the color grading really sets the mood for the film.

Rob Casmay also scored the film in 6 short days and the music compliments the film perfectly! You can learn more about Rob Casmay here: www.myspace.com/rcjetset.

Please watch this film and give feedback either on my blog your youtube! I also happen to be a supporting actress in the film so hey why not take a peek! ;)

Thanks everyone!
-Amy Bird Tweets

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