Monday Blues

Happy Monday everyone! If you live in PA you know that its cold, windy, and rainy today which is making this day miserable. So I give you some pretty blue eye candy that you can purchase all at esty.com! (Keyword: BLUE) :)

1. Keep Calm And Carry On, this should be everyone's motto in life!
2. Peacock hair clip for those days when your bangs just aren't workin'
3. Robin's Nest...Who is ready for Spring? I know I am!
4. Cute sleepy owl...This owl represents what I wanted to do today! Stay in bed and sleep, or curl up with some cocoa and watch a movie. :)
5. Cupcake soap, because why not wash your hands with cupcakes! I bet these smell delicious too! Yummy!

I hope I put a smile on everyone's face on this dreary Monday. Tomorrow is Tuesday and is another day to Keep Calm and Carry On!

-Amy Bird Tweets


Vintage Chic

I saw this awesome store on etsy.com, then I checked out their website Old Soul New Heart and just love the necklaces they restored from vintage pieces. The simple blue bow on the gold chain is such a statement against a simple white tee. The other two pieces reminded me of Betsey Johnson's jewelry which I also adore. These outfits fit perfect with both necklaces as well.

Love the photography, so simple and chic. Adore these vintage finds!

-Amy Bird Tweets


Beautiful Necklace Racks

I just love this necklace rack that I bought from Urban Outfitters a few years ago. It is perfect for hanging all of my necklaces and keeping them organized. I also like that is has a mirror at the top and I love the birds and colors of course! I think every girl needs a necklace rack and it also adds character to any room. Of course I separated out my necklaces into gold, silver, and pearls. Makes it easy to find what I want to wear and I think this rack goes nicely against my plum walls. What do you think?

The necklace/earring rack shown at the top is from Urban Outfitters, they have tons of cute racks just like these. Check them out!

-Amy Bird Tweets


Tutu Tuesday!

I absolutely love tutu dresses! I think being that I was a ballet dancer for most of my life tutu dresses remind me of my youth. I think tulle fabric can create such a classic, elegant look. Tutu's make you feel so feminine and girly.
1. I love the first look because its taking a classic look and adding a rocker edge to it by adding that awesome belt.
2. The second look is easy to achieve as well and it makes such a statement.
3. The third look is a more tailored, timeless look and could be worn to any fancy event.
4. The fourth look is so punk rock that I just adore it!

I have a tutu dress of my own that I will share with you next Tuesday as well as ways to create these looks. :)

-Amy Bird Tweets


Such Pretty Things!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a lovely New Year's eve and is excited for the new year ahead. My new years resolution, like most girls, is to lose some weight. Although I came across this awesome new blog called Such Pretty Things. She featured some perfected candy cane treats, and the cutest cupcakes that I can only indulge in moderation from now on. However, that doesn't mean that I can't blog about these sweet treats! I also saw this beautiful whimsical, fairytale like bird/butterfly tree, that I automatically fell in love with (obviously).

Here's too a great 2010!
-Amy Bird Tweets


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