Tutu Tuesday!

I absolutely love tutu dresses! I think being that I was a ballet dancer for most of my life tutu dresses remind me of my youth. I think tulle fabric can create such a classic, elegant look. Tutu's make you feel so feminine and girly.
1. I love the first look because its taking a classic look and adding a rocker edge to it by adding that awesome belt.
2. The second look is easy to achieve as well and it makes such a statement.
3. The third look is a more tailored, timeless look and could be worn to any fancy event.
4. The fourth look is so punk rock that I just adore it!

I have a tutu dress of my own that I will share with you next Tuesday as well as ways to create these looks. :)

-Amy Bird Tweets

1 comment:

  1. Ooh I really love those bottom two! Maybe it's due to my days as a faux dancer @ DHS... ;)


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