Sweet Treats & Custom Cupcakes

My boyfriend's birthday was this week and I was going to make him cupcakes myself, however, I don't have the skills to do custom creations. :(

A friend recommended that I try Philly Cupcake! My boyfriend loves these ocean creatures and I thought what a cute idea to have them make octopus cupcakes! Philly Cupcake really helped me every step of the way to make the perfect cupcakes for us! My boyfriend loved them! Everyone in the shop was super nice, friendly and you can tell that making people smile everyday is their passion.

When I went in to pick up my cupcakes the shop was beautiful! From pink dresser drawers with cupcakes on them, a gigantic crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and all the delicious treats sitting in refurbished antique pink cabinets, this place was a sweet tooth's heaven. The store's decor was perfect, and the cupcakes were delicious! I would definitely recommend Philly Cupcake for all events, because if you want something custom they definitely deliver. :)

Thank you Philly Cupcake! Check out their Facebook page for a menu of their fancy cupcakes!

-Amy Bird Tweets


Snowflake Cupcakes!

So the snow in PA just keeps on coming. The groundhog was right, there definitely is 6 more weeks of winter. However, with all this snow that is falling it is making me feel creative and I want to make or bake something to do with snow, like snowflake cupcakes. I looked around for some inspiration and here is what I found:

The first cupcakes with the penguins and polar bears are just way too cute, but I don't think I could pull those off. How did they achieve this? Fondant?

The second cupcakes are simple but it looks like fondant was used to create the snowflakes. I am not that skilled as a baker just yet!

The third cupcakes I think I would be able to pull off. I really love the chocolate cupcakes with the light blue frosting, add some silver and white sprinkles and I am good to go! So pretty!

I hope everyone who lives near PA stays warm and maybe when you are snowed in you can make some snowflake cupcakes of your own! :)

Happy Baking!
-Amy Bird Tweets xoxo


Valentine's Day Decor

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope everyone had a great V-day. I thought what better way to end the day with some Valentine's Day themed decor. I think pink is a great accent color all around its just whether or not you're significant other will let you include "pink" themes in your decor. haha I think the bold pink colors would look nice in a hair, nail, or tanning salon, don't you?

Anyway enjoy the eye candy & and I will enjoy some chocolate. :)

-Amy Bird Tweets


Bold Colors & Bold Dresses

Bold colors make a statement in a home. Bold color dresses turn heads. Some people are afraid of color, definitely not me! I love the deep purple walls in the room that compliments the elegant purple runway dress. The chandelier is so classy it makes this purple room seem very regal.

That turquoise dress is so beautiful, I think I definitely need to own a dress this color! The turquoise room is so calming and vibrant, just flawless.

The takeaway from this is that decor and fashion compliment each other. Next time you plan out an outfit try playing with different colors that you wouldn't normally wear. :)

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!
-Amy Bird Tweets


Winter White Decor

Since it is so cold in Pennsylvania right now and there is about to be a snow storm, I was inspired to do a post about white decor. If you haven't noticed by now I love clean lines and all white decor.

1. This picture is beautiful! I would love to host a dinner party with all that magnificent lighting. The atmosphere alone is so relaxing. :)

2. Winter weddings are hard to plan for, but I think if planned correctly can look exquisite. I love the lighting and the winter trees as accents. I like how everyone sits at one long table, that way you the guests aren't all at separate tables. I also love the lounge-y feel with the couches next to the dance floor. So hip and trendy!

3 & 4. I just adore these rooms, I also love the splash of pale yellow and black accents in the 4th picture. Why can't this be my living room and dining room?

I'm ready to be snowed in with hot chocolate now, bring on the snow!
-Amy Bird Tweets


I Love Betsey Johnson

1. & 2. Not only is Betsey Johnson a style icon, her house proves that she has the design know-how to decorate her gorgeous home. The pink, black and yellow color scheme really goes well together. It's a very contemporary style with a vintage twist. Love her house!

3. Her runway shows never disappoint; this is one of my favorite pictures that I feel depicts her edgy, one of a kind style. It is so rocker chic!

4. I have always been a fan of Betsey Johnson and her line of clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, handbags, and luggage. This handbag is so fetching and a must have to wear year round.

There is something about the rock and roll style that I have always been drawn too. I love the feminine floral prints mixed with skull necklaces or cute cupcake necklaces with spider earrings. It's the total mix of cute, sexy, and bad ass that I think when worn is a definite confidence booster. From leopard prints, to sequins, to lace and leather, I am just loving BetseyJohnson.com go now to find your inner rock star!

-Amy Bird Tweets


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