I Love Betsey Johnson

1. & 2. Not only is Betsey Johnson a style icon, her house proves that she has the design know-how to decorate her gorgeous home. The pink, black and yellow color scheme really goes well together. It's a very contemporary style with a vintage twist. Love her house!

3. Her runway shows never disappoint; this is one of my favorite pictures that I feel depicts her edgy, one of a kind style. It is so rocker chic!

4. I have always been a fan of Betsey Johnson and her line of clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, handbags, and luggage. This handbag is so fetching and a must have to wear year round.

There is something about the rock and roll style that I have always been drawn too. I love the feminine floral prints mixed with skull necklaces or cute cupcake necklaces with spider earrings. It's the total mix of cute, sexy, and bad ass that I think when worn is a definite confidence booster. From leopard prints, to sequins, to lace and leather, I am just loving BetseyJohnson.com go now to find your inner rock star!

-Amy Bird Tweets

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