Sweet Treats & Custom Cupcakes

My boyfriend's birthday was this week and I was going to make him cupcakes myself, however, I don't have the skills to do custom creations. :(

A friend recommended that I try Philly Cupcake! My boyfriend loves these ocean creatures and I thought what a cute idea to have them make octopus cupcakes! Philly Cupcake really helped me every step of the way to make the perfect cupcakes for us! My boyfriend loved them! Everyone in the shop was super nice, friendly and you can tell that making people smile everyday is their passion.

When I went in to pick up my cupcakes the shop was beautiful! From pink dresser drawers with cupcakes on them, a gigantic crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and all the delicious treats sitting in refurbished antique pink cabinets, this place was a sweet tooth's heaven. The store's decor was perfect, and the cupcakes were delicious! I would definitely recommend Philly Cupcake for all events, because if you want something custom they definitely deliver. :)

Thank you Philly Cupcake! Check out their Facebook page for a menu of their fancy cupcakes!

-Amy Bird Tweets

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