Winter White Decor

Since it is so cold in Pennsylvania right now and there is about to be a snow storm, I was inspired to do a post about white decor. If you haven't noticed by now I love clean lines and all white decor.

1. This picture is beautiful! I would love to host a dinner party with all that magnificent lighting. The atmosphere alone is so relaxing. :)

2. Winter weddings are hard to plan for, but I think if planned correctly can look exquisite. I love the lighting and the winter trees as accents. I like how everyone sits at one long table, that way you the guests aren't all at separate tables. I also love the lounge-y feel with the couches next to the dance floor. So hip and trendy!

3 & 4. I just adore these rooms, I also love the splash of pale yellow and black accents in the 4th picture. Why can't this be my living room and dining room?

I'm ready to be snowed in with hot chocolate now, bring on the snow!
-Amy Bird Tweets

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