Althea Harper - Spring/Summer 2010

Althea Harper is so awesome!

This was one of my favorite Project Runway series because of Althea Harper. Her designs were always so exciting, fresh, and wearable. Everything that she designed that came down the runway I was like, "I could see myself wearing that and looking fabulous!" Isn't that what we want to say when we see things coming down the runway? YES! Check out her Spring/Summer 2010 collection now @ AltheaHarper.com.

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Things to make you feel pretty...

via edor

via Geo by YWB

I am in love with all of these pieces and they are all from different shops that I found on etsy.com. I am loving this gold bow headband from LittleWhiteDresser, it's such a simple piece to wear with any casual or dressy outfit.

There is something about small charm necklaces that can make you feel so dainty, and I found this "O" hammered gold metal necklace from edor. This shop has very unique jewelry and definitely worth a look.

If you have not already clicked on the link to LittleWhiteDresser you probably should. Every item in her shop I want. She has the most perfect wedding day accessories but I think most of her jewelry/hair accesories could be worn when dressing up.

I recently purchased this initial necklace from mon cadeau and when I got it in the mail I was so excited. It is a feather weight, super small necklace, but perfect when layering necklaces or wearing it just so. I wore it the other night and got so many compliments, these necklaces would also make great gifts!

This set of stackable hammered metal rings from Geo by YWB would go well with the "O" necklace I also featured. Stackable rings are so fun, and really make a statement. I think I might have to buy these. :)

Let me know your thoughts on these pieces in my comment section below. :)

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Almost Summertime :)

Hey All! It is almost time for summer to officially kick off! I am really excited for nice weather, beers, bbqs, & beach trips! I have a feeling this summer is going to be beautiful. Summer is the perfect time to take pictures and make memories.

My boyfriend and I recently made our first trip to a local fair in our town. I thought the fair would be the perfect backdrop for some really sweet photography, so I put together a collage of some of pictures I took. I took these photos with my iPhone and used the wonderful app called Shake It Photo. I love, love, LOVE this app! It gives my pictures a vintage look and feel and it takes the picture just like a Polaroid would. You can actually shake your iPhone until the picture develops. Download this app for yourself today and start creating memories. :)

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Inspirational Quotes for the weekend...

Happy Weekend Everyone! If you are like me, inspirational quotes get me motivated to want to work on the various projects I have lined up for myself. The weekend is the perfect time to make the best use of your time. There is nothing better than having a perfect balanced weekend of being productive and feeling relaxed.

Get Motivated.

Be Inspired.

Be Creative.

Live Life.

Love Life.

Be You.

Spread Your Wings & Fly.

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Set Sail With Nautical Fashion Trends

Hey everyone! I am itching for it to be summer and my birthday feels like it is just around the corner. I have put together a collage of nautical prints/accessories to create a preppy sailor look. I love nautical prints, stripes, and of course, red, white, & blue! (My birthday is July 6th very close to the 4th). Nautical theme looks like this will always be in fashion and it's a simple classic look that's easy to achieve.

This Lacoste watch is just to die for. Try a red pencil skirt like this one I found on etsy.com and the gold crab necklace helps to tie the outfit together. I think the red bow would look really cute in bleach blonde hair. By the way I am dying my hair back to blonde for the summer soon. I am ready to go sailing ASAP!

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Perfect Summer Finds

via Tory Burch

I don't know about you girls but these are some of my favorite picks for the summer!
First off I have picked two looks from the fabulous Tory Burch summer line. The first look is so fresh and I adore the silk "love" top with super cute fedora. The next Tory Burch look that I am loving is the nautical striped blazer with the paisley scarf, complimenting the outfit perfectly.

A friend of mine recently purchased these Anna Beck gold heart earrings the other day, and the hammered gold look gives the earrings a really nice shine & sparkle. After my friend showed these earrings to me I immediately started looking at more of Anna Beck's jewelry and it is really unique which I like.

This cream canvas bag with brown leather straps from Dear Fieldbiner is the perfect summer bag and will go with anything. Must...buy...now...

Finally, we have the hippie chic tie dye wallet from Tory Burch, which I am in love with. Please check out the whole Tory Burch summer line, I was very impressed.

Happy Shopping!
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