Perfect Summer Finds

via Tory Burch

I don't know about you girls but these are some of my favorite picks for the summer!
First off I have picked two looks from the fabulous Tory Burch summer line. The first look is so fresh and I adore the silk "love" top with super cute fedora. The next Tory Burch look that I am loving is the nautical striped blazer with the paisley scarf, complimenting the outfit perfectly.

A friend of mine recently purchased these Anna Beck gold heart earrings the other day, and the hammered gold look gives the earrings a really nice shine & sparkle. After my friend showed these earrings to me I immediately started looking at more of Anna Beck's jewelry and it is really unique which I like.

This cream canvas bag with brown leather straps from Dear Fieldbiner is the perfect summer bag and will go with anything. Must...buy...now...

Finally, we have the hippie chic tie dye wallet from Tory Burch, which I am in love with. Please check out the whole Tory Burch summer line, I was very impressed.

Happy Shopping!
-Amy Bird Tweets

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  1. i loooooovvvvveeeeeee Tory Burch - i'm a lil obsessesd with her flats .. i LOVE the lil heart earrings! .. super cute collection u put together there !!!


    ...ps .. love for u to check out my space - and possibly add my button to ur spot i of course would add u to my link back section if u don't have a button .. ((i'm already a follower))


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