Set Sail With Nautical Fashion Trends

Hey everyone! I am itching for it to be summer and my birthday feels like it is just around the corner. I have put together a collage of nautical prints/accessories to create a preppy sailor look. I love nautical prints, stripes, and of course, red, white, & blue! (My birthday is July 6th very close to the 4th). Nautical theme looks like this will always be in fashion and it's a simple classic look that's easy to achieve.

This Lacoste watch is just to die for. Try a red pencil skirt like this one I found on etsy.com and the gold crab necklace helps to tie the outfit together. I think the red bow would look really cute in bleach blonde hair. By the way I am dying my hair back to blonde for the summer soon. I am ready to go sailing ASAP!

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  1. ahhhhh - i love the nautical look! - especially when i'm down the shore or going to a dock event -- i dunno why - but i just adore it all!!!



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