Colorful Margaritas & Colorful Dresses

Blood Orange Margarita

Love ornate detailing on the back of this dress!

Orange Margarita

This Grecian dress is very chic, it would look great with large gold earrings.

Pineapple Margarita

Love the color of this dress and the belt really ties the outfit together!

Electric Blue Margarita

The color of this dress is gorgeous! I love necklace as well!

Watermelon Margarita

This simple hot pink dress is perfect for summer!

It's almost happy hour! Now go get yourself an ice cold margarita, you deserve it!
Put on your perfect summer dress and go have some fun in the sun!


A Little About Me...

  • My Birthday is July 6th and it's coming up fast! I will be 27 years old. When I was little I always thought the fireworks were for my birthday. ;)
  • I currently work in Philadelphia, PA as a Search Engine Marketing Specialist/Media Planner, but I live outside of the city. I like working in the city, but don't think I could ever live there. I like seeing familiar faces when I am about town.
  • My dream job is to one day own my own boutique and select beautiful clothes/accessories from designer's that no one knows about.
  • I love everything that is the color white. I am drawn to that clean, crisp color in every aspect. I love all white decor, white cars, I have a white iPhone, a white laptop, etc. :)

  • I love photography and I am trying to learn how to be a better photographer. I recently joined a photo club to exercise my photography skills. :) My lovely boyfriend just bought me a Fuji Film Instax 210 camera for my birthday, which gives the film a vintage look. You will start to see some of those pictures on here soon.

  • I love dancing. I have danced ever since I was two years old and was a professional ballet dancer for 3 years. However, nowadays I take or teach a hip hop class here and there.

  • I am slowly working on a jewelry/hair accessories line, but its a work in progress. Stay tuned...


Old Skool Candy

When I was little I always got Candy Cigarettes or Fun Dip from the ice cream man. I loved fruit stripe gum and the tattoo's that were on the wrappers, even though it lost it's flavor in like 5 minutes. :)

What was some of your favorite candy growing up?


Things to make you smile...

Happy Friday! Hopefully one of these pictures made you smile, they make me smile. :)

-Amy Bird Tweets


Robin's Egg Blue

Robin's Egg Blue is such a magnificent, uplifting color...

Love the faded blue on the wood beams...

Pretty blue buttons...

Of course I love the birdcage in this photo...

I adore this color! It is so calming, peaceful, fresh and inviting!

-Amy Bird Tweets


Chanel Jewelry = Heaven

I really love Chanel jewelry! The new Camellia Chanel jewelry line is so pretty! I really want one of those Chanel rose rings! My birthday is in two weeks....maybe please?

Happy Monday!
-Amy Bird Tweets


Funky & Fresh!

Technicolor Rivet Stack Bangles

712 5th Resin Link Bracelet

Viv Wrap Bracelet

Tough Girl Link Bracelet

I love the funky looks and vibrant colors. Perfect for layering. :)

Which is your favorite?

-Amy Bird Tweets


Words to Live By...

Eat Healthy.

Appreciate Nature's Beauty.

Don't Let Yourself Get Down...Stay Positive.

Support A Good Cause TWLOHA.

Stay Young.

Always remember your youth.
(yes, this is me)

Smile. Breathe. Live. Love. Inspire. Create. Motivate.

-Amy Bird Tweets

p.s. all pictures were taken by me :)


Tutu Tuesday Returns....

via Ouma

There is something about the tutu dress that makes it so irresistible. Maybe it was Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City that started the trend or maybe they just make us feel so feminine and girly. I was a ballet dancer, so of course I cannot get enough of the tutu dress. I love these funky rocker tutu's from Lynn's Rags! I would totally rock one. :)

-Amy Bird Tweets


Beach Theme Wedding

-The color aqua is perfect for a beach theme wedding-

-Love all the flowers in the sand-

-Very chic & contemporary-

-Traditional and ethereal-

Photo taken by: finestationery

-Add pretty sashes on wedding chairs for a splash of color-

-Nice centerpiece idea-

Photo taken by: Amyhsu

My sister is engaged now and she is starting to plan her wedding! :) She had mentioned that she was thinking about a beach theme, so I started my research and found a few things I liked. I love the bold aqua/turquoise colors. :)

What are your ideal wedding themes/colors?

-Amy Bird Tweets


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