Beach Theme Wedding

-The color aqua is perfect for a beach theme wedding-

-Love all the flowers in the sand-

-Very chic & contemporary-

-Traditional and ethereal-

Photo taken by: finestationery

-Add pretty sashes on wedding chairs for a splash of color-

-Nice centerpiece idea-

Photo taken by: Amyhsu

My sister is engaged now and she is starting to plan her wedding! :) She had mentioned that she was thinking about a beach theme, so I started my research and found a few things I liked. I love the bold aqua/turquoise colors. :)

What are your ideal wedding themes/colors?

-Amy Bird Tweets


  1. i'd be lost when it came to picking 1 theme for my wedding - there's SO many good ideas! - my brother had a destination wedding in St. Croix - it was AMAZING!!! - i think i'd toalllllly do a destination wedding and beach would definatly be involved!!! .. the rest no clue!!

    *Happy Weekend*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. I'm in love with the picture with all the flowers on the sand. Lovely.


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