A Little About Me...

  • My Birthday is July 6th and it's coming up fast! I will be 27 years old. When I was little I always thought the fireworks were for my birthday. ;)
  • I currently work in Philadelphia, PA as a Search Engine Marketing Specialist/Media Planner, but I live outside of the city. I like working in the city, but don't think I could ever live there. I like seeing familiar faces when I am about town.
  • My dream job is to one day own my own boutique and select beautiful clothes/accessories from designer's that no one knows about.
  • I love everything that is the color white. I am drawn to that clean, crisp color in every aspect. I love all white decor, white cars, I have a white iPhone, a white laptop, etc. :)

  • I love photography and I am trying to learn how to be a better photographer. I recently joined a photo club to exercise my photography skills. :) My lovely boyfriend just bought me a Fuji Film Instax 210 camera for my birthday, which gives the film a vintage look. You will start to see some of those pictures on here soon.

  • I love dancing. I have danced ever since I was two years old and was a professional ballet dancer for 3 years. However, nowadays I take or teach a hip hop class here and there.

  • I am slowly working on a jewelry/hair accessories line, but its a work in progress. Stay tuned...


  1. P.S. I secretly love Hello Kitty...shhh don't tell anyone. haha

  2. I think it's cool that we have the same birthday and we will both be 27....and we were always in the same homeroom class at Newtown Junior High since our last names are close!!! That's cool about your dream job of owning a boutique. That would be so cool. I am excited to see your jewelry and hair line...are you going to have an Etsy page..I <3 Etsy! I'm excited to see your vintage photos with your new camera...sounds like an awesome camera. My boyfriend bought me the Sony Cybershot digital camera 2 years ago (they just came out with the new one with the Taylor Swift commercials). He bought it for us for our 2 yr anniversary last year and we usually go to Disney World around our anniversary (we love taking pics and going there). The camera has the intelligent auto so it picks the right setting automatically...I love it ..I think it takes great pictures and has a great battery life! It was neat reading things about you...that was a neat idea! I love visiting your blog...you always have neat things on here!

  3. Hey Lauren! I am so glad that you like my blog! Those Cybershot's are nice camera's. :) Disney world sounds fun, I haven't been there since we went in Jr. High or High School. Please continue to visit my blog and leave comments, I like to hear people's opinions about what I post. It definitely makes it more inspiring when thinking of new blog posts. :) I hope you have a great birthday!

    -Amy Bird Tweets

  4. Nice knowing you better!

    Btw I have been nominated for "Best Eye Candy" on the 2010 Blogluxe Awards! Would you be kind enough to vote for me (NYC Island Gal)?


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