Friday's Giveaway & Contemporary Bathrooms!

I love this contemporary bathroom vanity, and you can create this look at this great site I found called Justvanities.com!

Pegasus Eurasia Bathroom Vanity from CSN

I adore these bathroom vanities and one day I will have a contemporary bathroom that looks like these. There is nothing better than having a relaxing modern bathroom. :)

It's time for the Friday Giveaway! Are you ready to see what I have for one lucky winner? This gorgeous set of pillows from allmodern.com!

Please leave a comment saying why you deserve these adorable pillows and what room would you use them in and why. I will be choosing the winner over the next few days! Please leave your email address when you post so I can email you if you win!

Good Luck!



  1. WORD! - gimmie gimmie gimmie! (but in the NICEST way!) LOVE em' to pieces! .. i posted the give-away right on-top lovey ;o)

    *kiss kiss* & Happy Weekend!!!
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. I would LOVE to put these in my little girls room one day (it will obviously be pink!). They would look adorable and comfy on the big rocking chair, as I rocked her to sleep everynight! :o) Also Pink and black are one of my favorite color combinations and with the touch of green makes them so girly and fresh looking! LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! Have a great weekend! xoxo

  3. okok. :) i enter ur giveaway. sorry my english isnt good at the moment but i hope i can explain why i deserve that pillows.
    I think when my little nephew visit me and have to take a nap, he will sleep like a small goodness on these pillows. He 1 1/2 Yeas old and hates sleeping. I think these Pillows make him love sleeping. ohyes. i would love sleeping too if i could sleep on such beautiful pillows!

    they are really awesome. email: sk8terbabe@gmx.de

  4. Thanks for inviting me to your blog! love it and love the pillows, what a great color, texture and pattern pairing!!

    <3 Meg

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post, that bathroom is COOL!

  6. Amy the pillows are so adorable! If I had them I would finally decorate my spare bedroom, and your pillows would be the inspiration needed! haha Lovin' the blog chickie!

  7. I love these baby pillows because they remind me a sweet embrace!!! Finally because I adore pink and B&W combination!!! Hugs


  8. Hey Amy...thanks for sending me this link on my wall...these pillows are so cute...I love the colors....I would definitely put them on my bed...I love having pillows on my bed and the colors and patterns would fit great with my room! They look so comfortable! I love the pink polka-dot one...it's so fun! I think I should win since I love sleeping and I love colorful and fun pillows especially on my bed! Hope I win! THanks!

    Lauren Harvey

  9. Thank you for letting me know about this adorable giveaway! I love the girly patterns and soft touch, which is probably why I'd place these pillows in my mother's room. She loves pillows and soft touches, so if I would be fortunate enough to win this giveaway, I would have to give it to my mother. I'm sure she'd enjoy them much more.

    Thank you for the opportunity!


  10. These photos are so simple and inspiring! I love them!


  11. i sooo love the pillows.:) i hope i could have one of these kinds.:) I would love to put it in my room that is also full of different kind of pillows as my collections.:) i love pillows so much.:) i love it when my bed is full of pillows.:) it makes me more comfortable to sleep.:) I HOPE i can win one.:)

  12. Well hello there Amy!
    I am new to this blogging culture, and I am absolutely LOVING your blog! The pillows are so cute and completely create a warm and 'girly' feeling with a bit of couture design.
    I feel as though I deserve to win this giveaway, one because I NEVER win anything (seriously) and two because I have a 4 year old daughter who I work full-time as a teacher to provide for. Her birthday is coming up and she would absolutely LOVE these little princessy pillows!! I would put them in her room, but it would be up to her as to what she uses them for!
    Thank you for this opportunity, and I'll be back daily to see what your up to!!

    <3 Cassandra


  13. They are so sweet.

    I would put them in my guest room, matches it perfectly.

    By the way i found you through Tiptoe Butterfly and now I am a follower.

  14. i heart these pillows! so pretty and they would look great on my bed :)


  15. great lil' giveaway! I would place them in my new spare bedroom. I have been waiting to "spice" it up for a few years! Here's my chance :)

    xo Lynzy

    Now following :)

  16. I would use these precious pillows in my at home office because it's where I spend the most time. I pride myself on paying attention to every detail. Since I spend so much time in here more then any other part of my house really I think it's best to be surrounded my things you love and I would definitely cherish these pillows.

    I would like to thank you for letting me know about your lovely giveaway and letting me apart of it :) Warm hugs!

    -Renay Shanel
    email: hunnylovins@gome.se
    I'm a follower Google Connect :)
    Blog: hunnylovins.blogspot.com

  17. I would use it on my bedroom, since I love a lot of pillows covering me when I sleep...

    those are just adorable pillow with great colors...

    thanks for the heads up on your giveaway love and I just added you on my favorite links.

    take care gorgeous!

  18. Thank you to everyone who participated and made my first giveaway a success! Please check out my new post today to see who won. :)

    -Amy Bird Tweets

  19. I would give these as a gift to some new young parents. I had a Swiss foreign exchange student living with me. While he was here, he met an Italian student but she was leaving the next day. They stayed in touch the 3 months he was here. When he went home, they started dating, and he drove 3 times a week for almost a year to Milan to see her. They got married this year and just had a baby girl. The furniture they picked out has adorable pink elephants on it. They have very little money and would never buy something like this for themselves. Thank you for your gesture to share the beauty of these.


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