Summer Berry Tartlets...

Yummy Blueberries!
Photography By: Amanda Boutcher

Buttery sweet tartlet shells with a hint of white chocolate, filled with vanilla whipped mousse...
Photography By: Amanda Boutcher

Creates a beautiful masterpiece baked with love from a wonderful friend and fantastic Pastry Chef I have pleasure of knowing, Ms. Amanda Boutcher! :) These Blueberry/Blackberry Tartlets make a perfect summer dessert!

All of her desserts are very decadent and delicious! Please check out her website for more of her wonderful baked creations at Sweet Ruminations! She's also a pretty good photographer if you ask me. Great work Amanda! ;)


  1. hiya poptart! - yummmmmmyyyy!!!! - making biscuits tomorrow, maybe have to throw some tars in our 'tea party' .. hummmm

  2. Thank you! Thank you! Too sweet. I love your new hair. gorgeous.


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