Vaute Couture Tanks & Tees + Giveaway Winner!

Animals are our friends, and we don't wear our friends.

Vaute Couture was featured in Marie Claire Magazine! (page 50 in the June issue)

In My Heart Sheep Necklace

By: Vaute Couture

This sheep necklace is adorable and affordable!

If you like animals as much as I do, then you will appreciate Vaute Couture! Animals are our friends, and we don't wear our friends! This tank top & necklace are cute, sexy, and send a good message.

The tank top is an Eco blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester & the sheep necklace is made out of hand cut recycled aluminum. :) Be sure to check this store out!

And the winner is.....Cassandra!

Congrats Cassandra! Welcome to the world of blogging! I think you're daughter will absolutely LOVE these pillows for her birthday! I hope you get them in time. :)

Thank you to everyone who made my first giveaway so successful! You guys ROCK! Love you all so much. Look for my next giveaway the first Friday in August!

We are some really cool gals in the blog world. :)


  1. congratulations to the winner love...

    I do love the tops...great post!!!

    take care gorgeous!
    much love

  2. Dang I am too late for the giveaway! But congrats to the lucky winner!


  3. I like the style of the tank tops but I don't like the bunny design. It especially looks awkward and way too bright in the second photo. I think they should've made it like the sheep tank. :)


  4. love that tank top, so cute! perfect for summer.

  5. congrats CASSANDRA...:D Congrats too Amy for your first Blog giveaway that was a succesful one.:)

  6. i discovered Vaute Couture from Marie Claire and love it! im so excited for their minidresses!!!!!!!!!!

    congrats Cassandra! i hope your daughter loves the pillows :D


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