French Colors : LES COULEURS


Ring of Knowledge by Modcloth


Papillion Top by Modcloth


Lotus Scarf by Modcloth


Sparrow Compact by Modcloth

Bonjour mes amis & belles personnes! I took Francais in high school and in college and I think it's a really beautiful language. When I was younger I was a professional ballet dancer for about 3 years so I think I felt the language came more natural to me, since most ballet terms are in french. It's always good to brush up on your pronunciation/french words. I am sure most of you have learned these colors in school. If you click on the links it says the pronunciation for you, which I think is pretty fun!

What french phrases or words do you know?

All the clothes that are featured are from Modcloth.com!

à bientôt


  1. Oh dear I am envy about you taking ballet classes...that is one of my greatest frustrations to become a ballerina...

    I know some phrase in French since my cousins are French and they taught me how to speak a little bit...but I really do not know how to spell it correctly...so my bad but I am willing to learn French because for me it is one of the most beautiful language ever...

    Take care love

  2. Very cute post! Thanks for the mini-French lesson :)

  3. this was such a cute post!!!! that ring is adroable and so creative!

    ahhh, being a professional dancer must have been so much fun! i dance now, (still in high school), mostly ballet and LOOOVE IT!
    oof. if only my pirouettes could magically be awsome.
    i love the french language too! its so beautiful and right now im working on my fluency. i could listen to people speak french like i listen to music.
    everything about this post was adorable! i love that it was the colors of the rainbow! And i love ballet and i love french!

  4. Hey There Sweet, Jen, and Reina!

    Thanks so much for leaving such nice comments on my blog! I hope Jen & Reina are now followers either on Facebook or through Google connect on here? I will have a new post up tomorrow! Be sure to check it out! You guys rock!

    -Amy Bird Tweets

  5. aww my favorite would have to be the lovely green dress! :)

    i think it's really cool that you know french and used to be a professional ballet dancer! i have always wanted to do both those things!



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