Elizabeth and James

A co-worker of mine was wearing a beautiful flowy floral shirt at work the other day and I had to ask her what designer created such a unique blouse? She then told me it was by Elizabeth and James and I was thinking to myself, why have I heard of that before. So when I got back to my desk of course I looked into it and remembered that it was Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen's line! I took a look at their full line and one thing I noticed about the line was that all of the pieces were cohesive. This is something I really like to see in a collection.

As you can see a little bit of fabric goes a long way and can be incorporated into many unique pieces while maintaining a balance throughout the line. I love how the Daria Haunted Floral Top's fabric was incorporated in the Alita Ruched Floral Dress as well. Same with the feathers on the tube dress and the blazer. Really great pieces out of these two talented ladies and you can tell they added in some of their own personal style to these looks, which is great to see.

Daria Haunted Floral Top: $265
Alita Ruched Floral Dress: $445
James-Feather Peplum Blazer: $445
Plume Tube Dress: $545

P.S. My lovely co-worker Andrea was wearing the Daria Haunted Floral Top which looked beautiful on her! I would highly recommend this top! :)

P.S.S. Be sure to check back in this week for updates from my trip to NYC for the IFB Conference. I am still uploading pictures so I will be posting about it this week.


  1. LOVE E & J! Great picks from the collection-I'll take them all!

  2. Wow great collection...can't wait for you IFB posts!!!!


  3. LOVE the dress and blazer! -- huge fan of the line - just ordered a sweater by them actually!

  4. Oh wow, these are such lovely pieces!!

    Can't wait to hear about your trip :)


  5. i love the pieces! so so cute! :)


  6. I love E+J! I featured a top in that same fabric in my polyvore mini-editor on my blog. Did you see it? Oh, I want it soooo bad!

  7. That top is so beautiful. I saw the bottom dress in person and almost bawled my eyes out when I saw the price tag. It was beyond beautiful up close!!


  8. Yes, I am SO disappointed we didn't get to meet! :(
    I also attended the Chictopia conference which was the same price and SO well done. I absolutely loved it: thus my mixed feelings about the IFB conference.

    I hope we get to meet up again soon!



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