Philadelphia Fashion Week October 6-9



Well it's almost here! Philadelphia's Fashion Week! It was really nice to be up in NYC for Fashion Week, but the fact that I live in Philly and adore the local boutiques here just makes it more exciting. One of my favorites is Carmelita Couture, check out her work. Philadelphia is a city with such great history but what people don't see is just how fashion forward Philly really is. I will be attending Philly Fashion Week coming up on Friday October 8th! Here is Friday's schedule:

5:30 PM - Doors Open
6:00 PM - TNNA, a Different Fur, WeSC [DJ Ben Arsenal]
7:00 PM - Casey Alvarez Band
7:45 PM - tU pHace
8:00 PM - Kristin Simms, Project Runway Designers, NEUW, Farah [DJ Adrian Hardy]
8:30 PM - Brian Sanders JUNK
9:00 PM - Kuf Knotz

Tomorrow night Macy's is having a mini fashion show in the Wanamaker Building (where the movie Mannequin circa 1987 was filmed). I also happen to work in that building above Macy's, which is perfect for me! However, working above Macy's isn't convenient when you are drooling over Marc Jacobs bags that you can't afford on your way to get coffee in the morning. :/

Guess who is going to be at the Macy's Fashion Show? ...... Nigel Barker!!

Here is a video I found of Rumi Neely who spoke at the IFB Conference that was filmed while she prepped for her Free People October Catalog shoot. It looks like a blast! I notice her boyfriend is still the one taking her pictures which is nice. Who wouldn't love to be a featured model in Free People! So jealous!

Looking forward to hopefully meeting Nigel Barker and getting stoked for PFW! :) Get tickets now, because they are going to sell out!


  1. Oh, so exciting! I will definitely check out Carmelita Couture too.

    Nigel Barker? So fun! I haven't even started watching this season's ANTM yet.


  2. that sounds like so much fun!! hope you had a good time :)

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