Spirit Hoods

Word on the street says packs of young teens and 20 somethings are running wild in L.A. adorning these fancy faux fur garbs. Including Method Man featured in the above picture and Kesha who is a big advocate for these faux fur hoods.

They are called Spirit Hoods and seem to be all the rage right now on the West Coast. Alexander Mendeluk co-owner and designer of Spirit Hoods wanted to create a line of animal inspired hoods. After creating these versatile hoods, Alexander and his brother hit the streets of L.A. and rocked them when they went out with friends at night. This of course created a buzz, and people wanted to wear them too. Now they have a growing line of all different styles of hoods for men and women from Wolf, Leopard, Bear, Panda, Zebra, Husky, and more.

They full length hoods include:
  • an inside zipper pocket for your cell phone or ID or cash
  • a front button closure/clasp
  • a set of paws
  • and of course front pockets

They are really affordable ranging from only $59-$129 and would make perfect holiday gifts for any animal lover. Another reason Spirit Hoods are awesome is they make a donation when you purchase a hood with Product Blue, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping your particular animal of choice. This includes the Wolf, Panda, Polar Bear, and Snow Leopards!

Who is buying one and which one would you get? I think I would get the Leopard for sure, so cute! Love these!


  1. I love the snow leopard hood! They are so cool!!! Love them =)

  2. Hey!!! I've been gone for a bit and have changed my blog from Skirts to Skillets to this new address: http://sparklingfootsteps.blogspot.com hope to see you there!:)

  3. Amy! These are the most amazing things ever, I kind of need to wear this right now and everyday!! :) I just saw your comment on my blog and think it would be fun to chat. You can email me at janelle.haskin@gmail.com if you'd like!



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