DIY - Christmas Ornaments

I have always wanted to make my own ornaments, so this year my boyfriend and I tried to make our own ornaments and found that it was cheap, easy and fun. We also think they turned out just the way we had hoped. Everything was purchased at Michael's craft store. Here is what you need:

1). Plastic or Glass clear ornaments (The ones we purchased were plastic but look very nice and were only $0.69 each)

2). One bag of sand (whatever color you want to go with the theme of your tree, the bag we purchased was only $2.99)

3). Fake Christmas tree branches (You can cut a small piece from a wreath or other decor to get the effect that we did) I also added some holly berries to mine and my boyfriend added a small pine cone.

In total this project only cost us $4.37 and the ornaments look awesome and expensive!

I highly recommend making some of your own ornaments because it's inexpensive, fun, and you can tailor them to fit your tree's theme. We have a silver/white theme and wanted to keep our ornaments simple and elegant.

Drum roll please......The winner of the Once Upon A Peony Giveaway from last week is......Danielle Kelly!! Merry Christmas Danielle! Your gifts should arrive soon! CONGRATS Danielle! :)

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  1. how adorable! If you add a little piece of paper to the top you can add guests names and use it as a "seating card" then they can go home with it!

  2. Too bad I didn't know about your blog a few weeks ago! Cute!


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