New Year....New You!


Now that 2010 is history, I have a really good feeling about 2011 more so than I normally do. However, on my first day back to work today, I was rear ended by some idiot who didn't pay attention in traffic! My poor little car...hopefully this isn't how the rest of my year will look.

New Year's Resolutions...Why a resolution? Why not a plan or goals? I don't like to call them resolutions because they shouldn't be, nothing is ever easy to just "resolve". I like to call them New Year’s goals or plans.

I want to live a healthier lifestyle and learn more new things. I want to become a more skilled photographer and work on my jewelry line! I had a small sale before the holidays and I sold everything that I made! This was just the confidence and motivation I needed to work on my inventory before I set up my store on Etsy.com! This is one of my most important goals this year. :)

How awesome is that quote above? "She turned her cants into cans, and her dreams into plans." I absolutely adore it! My friend Amy found it on a blog called Design Crush. It's a really motivating quote and a great thing to say over and over again to yourself when you're feeling "stuck".

Here are a few things you should try in 2011:

1). Sport a new hair color or new haircut! This one is always tough but it totally can make you feel like a different person. We all know I am big on the different color hair idea. ;)

2). Take a weekend off to do absolutely nothing! It really helps to rejuvenate your zest for life!

3). Take a mini vacation. Don't go somewhere too far but far enough to be away from anything stressful. Maybe a fancy NYC weekend or a cozy lake house bed & breakfast retreat.

4). If you are successful in your career, reward yourself. Buy yourself something that you really want. We need pick me ups.

5). Take some time to appreciate nature. Whether it be a long walk, a bike ride, or just laying in the grass. Take in the smells, the feeling you get, and the beauty of it. After going to the mountains recently it was awesome to just sit and stare even though it was freezing!

6). Donate old clothes to charity. We all know we have closets FULL of clothes that we say we will wear and we never do. This time just say, I won't wear this and put it in a bag. When you drop it off at a clothing drop you will feel so much better, I promise. :)

7). Learn how to cook or bake something difficult. Push your limits in the kitchen.

8). Spend more time with your college roommates and old high school friends. Do dinner every other month or get together for drinks once in a while. Staying close with your girls is so important. Our friends are who shaped us in to who we are today.

9). Go home to visit your parents more often. They miss you more than you know...

10). Exercise & eat healthier. You don't have to exercise every day, but if you do every so often you will feel better about yourself and your body. Pick something that you love like French fries and only let yourself have them once every few months. This will create discipline. :)

What are you going to do in 2011? What are some goals you already have for yourself?

Cheers & Happy New Year!


  1. i have a good feeling about 2011 too...cheers to the new year!

  2. Happy New Year! What a great and inspiring post! Cheers to 2011!


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