Purple encourages creativity...

I am really liking purple/eggplant decor lately. There is something about the color purple that is so calming and relaxing. There are four effects that the color purple usually makes us all feel:

1). Uplifting
2). Calming to the mind and nerves
3). Offers a sense of spirituality
4). Encourages creativity

Purple also has a sense of royalty, riches, luxury, and power. A dark purple accent wall or purple lighting can set the right mood for a relaxing environment.

What does the color purple make you feel? Do you have purple anywhere in your home?


  1. I am going to have a purple/lilac office :)

  2. I wear a lot of purple and have a few pillows and other accents around the house.

    I love that purple door and the fireplace against lilac wall - GORGEOUS!

  3. I have been wondering what color to paint my office and you have inspired me to use purple! Cheers!

  4. This second photo reminds me so much of Sleeping Beauty! Gorgeous photos!

  5. i love purple :) but you dont usually see it in decorating do you? i think its an underappreciated color.

  6. that lilac bedroom is simply gorgeous!

    i am a new follower of your blog--please follow me back! :)


  7. Cara- I am glad that you are inspired by this post to paint your office purple/lilac! Please post on your blog after you paint it! :) I would love to see the transformation.

    -Amy Bird Tweets


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