Just another Monday...

This quote is awesome. Ice Cream does make you feel better.
(P.S. No one broke my heart, just find the quote funny).

This is actually a song that my dad always sung to me when I was little. It is supposed to be a happy song, but it almost makes me cry because we never want our sunshine taken away. :/

I think we have all had these kinds of days, especially on Monday morning. However, winter is almost over and spring will be here soon! Cheer up and make the most of your Monday.

Soon we will be able to drive with the windows down blaring our favorite songs like I did this past Friday.

Countdown until Spring begins.....


  1. ok first quote i'm LOVEN' and so going to repost this with a link back!!! - and 2nd song is my Mom's and Niece's song too :o)

  2. Thanks for the uplifting post...I know it's Friday but it's a rainy dark day!! Have a wonderful weekend! xx


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