Ombre Hair Trend


I am loving the ombre hair trend that is going on. I love it so much that I am going to get it done to my hair tomorrow! I love the natural look with the darker roots into the blonder ends! It looks so whimsical and pretty! I also love LC's new look with her peachy locks! Rumi Neely's hair from Fashion Toast always looks effortless and chic. 

I am going out in Atlantic City tomorrow night and also wanted to rock some new locks! I will post a few pics of my new hair next week! Wish me luck! 

Peace & Hugs, 
Amy xoxo


  1. my hair is pretty ombre these days..
    Have fun in AC! Where are you gong?

    Pretty MAJOR giveaway on Lilac and Grey today!

  2. It looks good on you! Huge fan myself :)

  3. Pretty looks! I’ve heard so many people talking about this look lately–you guys are on it!


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