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Robin's Egg Blue

Robin's Egg Blue is such a magnificent, uplifting color...

Love the faded blue on the wood beams...

Pretty blue buttons...

Of course I love the birdcage in this photo...

I adore this color! It is so calming, peaceful, fresh and inviting!

-Amy Bird Tweets


Monday Blues

Happy Monday everyone! If you live in PA you know that its cold, windy, and rainy today which is making this day miserable. So I give you some pretty blue eye candy that you can purchase all at esty.com! (Keyword: BLUE) :)

1. Keep Calm And Carry On, this should be everyone's motto in life!
2. Peacock hair clip for those days when your bangs just aren't workin'
3. Robin's Nest...Who is ready for Spring? I know I am!
4. Cute sleepy owl...This owl represents what I wanted to do today! Stay in bed and sleep, or curl up with some cocoa and watch a movie. :)
5. Cupcake soap, because why not wash your hands with cupcakes! I bet these smell delicious too! Yummy!

I hope I put a smile on everyone's face on this dreary Monday. Tomorrow is Tuesday and is another day to Keep Calm and Carry On!

-Amy Bird Tweets


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